Property Assessments and Cleanup

Whether you need a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, Contamination Site Assessment, Remedial Action Plan, or Remediation (cleanup), you have come to the right place.  We have over 70 years of combined staff experience with these projects that we can apply to your current and future needs.  We will be happy to do whatever assessment or remediation you need!  Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.


ESC has been performing Phase I’s since 1988 and has built a reputation on professionalism, fast turnarounds, and thoroughness.  The assessments are always completed in accordance with the ASTM E-1527-05 standard and the federal all appropriate inquiry rule. This qualifies the purchaser as an innocent land owner.  Clients are like yourself and include private parties, corporations, developers, investors, bankers, attorneys, and government.  Order a Phase I today for comprehensive and reliable results.  Some clients require inclusion of some or all of the following elements beyond the ASTM standard:

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) involves actual testing of soil and groundwater.  It is done to investigate potential or known contamination from use of the site itself or sites in the vicinity.  It may show the site is clean, slightly contaminated, or significantly contaminated.  ESC’s professional technical staff can accurately interpret the data and recommend strategies to address the contamination in light of the property transaction.  Remediation (cleanup) options are identified below.



Contamination on a site can result from fuel tanks, heating oil tanks, emergency generators, dry cleaners, painting, pest control operations, manufacturing, and a myriad of other operations.  ESC can test the soil and groundwater to determine if contamination is present and to what degree.  ESC can then recommend cleanup and perform removal of contaminated soil (source removal), chemical remediation, bio-remediation, and monitoring.  Following are ESC’s core services for contaminated sites:

  • Contamination or Site Assessments
    • Designed to determine presence & extent of contamination in soil & groundwater
    • Determine what exceeds State Cleanup Target levels
    • Basis for Cleanup or No Further Action Approval

  • Remediation (Cleanup)
    • Source Removal (Soil Removal & Thermal Treatment)
    • Chemical Remediation
    • Bio-remediation
    • Natural Attenuation